Current Projects

Sewing Project - in March 2018 we funded the purchase of eight sewing machines. The objective is to promote income generation specifically for villagers, to develop their sewing skills. It will also provide the opportunity to   rent or buy the machines once they have completed their training and  begin to make a small profit. by selling their products in local markets. This initiative will complement Rwanda's recently introduced strategy of discontinuing the import of second hand clothing and textiles, a move intended to assist the resurgence of Rwanda's own textile industry.

Stove Making - the stove making project began in 2017. We established a partnership with the African Community for Sustainable Development (ACSD) to train local people in stove making. By building stoves out of clay, using a safe and efficient design, opportunities have been created for the trainees to sell the stoves in Gasundwe and surrounding villages of Gihombo. This new design means there is less risk to women and children in the home, where open fires have previously been used, and pots of boiling liquid balanced on 3 stones. Our school kitchen has one of these new stoves.

Upcoming Projects

Mushroom growing - is a horticultural activity undertaken worldwide and suited to Rwanda for income generation on small, medium or large scale. Edible mushrooms are considered a delicacy of great nutritional and medical value. Scientific research has shown that edible mushrooms contain high class proteins, vitamins and minerals essential for good health. It has been noted that some mushroom species are even effective in boosting the health of HIV/AIDs patients.

Laundry soap making - there is real need to train local people in soap production and distribution. 
Soap production in Rwanda has been dominated by large companies in Kigali but the cost becomes prohibitive to many rural families by the time it reaches local markets and shops. Our proposal is aimed at creating a strategy to provide local people with skills and experience in laundry soap production.

Tourism - Hopefully our most exciting support plan for the wider district. Situated on the edge of
Lake Kivu in beautiful countryside, the district offers opportunities for tourism initiatives, which include walking holidays, coffee producer visits, along with the other amazing experiences Rwanda has to offer.