Kigali Life

After a few days experiencing capital life, our confidence in exploring the city has grown. Riding the motos to get from place to place has become easier. Chris departs for home tonight, whilst Margo stays on for another week to continue her work with Tricia in Gasundwe on the school project.

Today, after 8 hours of heavy overnight rain, it looks like the long rainy season might have arrived early. This will be good preparation for Chris's return to Bollington.

Kigali has been a week of adventure, education and opportunity.

We had the chance to meet up with connections Margo made in 2012. Yesterday we were welcomed into her former landlord's home and greeted with a special cake ....


Visiting the Genocide Memorial for the second time brought home the reality of why we need to be understanding of everyone's different lives and stories they have to share.

Rwanda is an amazing country to have recovered so well from such a tragic past. As human beings we would understand the need for revenge. But the government and the people have made a decision to forgive the perpetrators and live together as Rwandans. 

Best wishes to all our followers

Chris and Margo