Leaving Gasundwe behind for the time being

Saying farewell on the lake edge to the lovely people we met was emotional. However Margo & Tricia return in two weeks time to continue their work with the teachers. Now Margo & Chris head from Kibuye to Kigali, then to the very south to visit Butare, which is a university town, where we will be meet Roos a Dutch girl, who has been here 3 years working in Nursery schools and has produced the new curriculum for Nursery schools. We will also meet Theogene, the student from Gasundwe, who helped us so much as a translator and imparted so much knowledge to us. 

Chris & Margo are then off to Nyungwe Forest to stay in a lodge for a couple of nights. Nyungwe forest is where the largest group of apes & chimps in the world live.

 Children enjoying new activities