A Proud Moment

Today 19th May was a proud moment for VRUK and GIFO our Rwandan NGO.

A meeting was held at Kibuye, a couple hours boat ride from the Village. With the fourteen new GIFO board members present, the progress made will enable GIFO to become a fully registered NGO. Now we will be able to work in this sector of Rwanda with more certainty to progress income generation projects. 

Working alongside Theo, our Rwandan coordinator, great strides have been made today. With opportunities for the board members to share their ideas for income generation projects and improvements to basic facilities in their sector, everyone played their part. Margo and Theo hope to complete the  final registration of GIFo at the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) on the 4th June.

Following the meeting in the beautiful and hospitable Home St Jean, we all shared a buffet lunch. With the royal wedding on tv in the background, the board members went home with much to reflect on.



The new GIFo Board