Gihombo Cooperative Boat Project

Boat 4.jpg

The reason ....

Because of the village location on a peninsular of Lake Kivu, getting to hospital on foot using narrow tracks takes at least half a day. Transporting goods to the local market at Mugonero meant hiring a boat from a nearby village, which wasn't always available.

The solution ....

In 2016 the congregation of Bamford & Norden Chapel in Rochdale generously dedicated their annual international fund raising campaign to support the boat building project in Gasundwe.

In January 2017,  Barbara & Addie, members of the chapel congregation, presented an amazing donation of £5,382, enabling the project to begin.

The boat project has provided the village, not only with employment in its building, but more importantly, an opportunity to form a boat co-operative business. This has become both a life saving facility and a sustainable income generation project.

Completion ....

In May 2017 the 55 seater boat was built in under 10 days, using local labour and traditional methods.  With its new Yamaha engine, it can get to the hospital or market in under half an hour. 

Within 3 months of the Boat Cooperative being formed, the business became profitable and gives employment to three local people as well.

Our sincere thanks go to our friends at Bamford & Norden Chapel for choosing VRUK as their 2016 fund raising project.