Tackling Malnutrition in Gihombo

Routhe and Stephanie.  Rwandan volunteer health workers, recently identified 10 malnourished local children during a routine health check. They spoke with headteacher of the nursery school and agreed that training for parents was the best way to address this problem. 

Trustees agreed to fund the training about balanced diets for their children, making the best use of locally grown produce, demonstrating hygienic food preparation. Identifying cheap, local sources of essential nutrients present in the wide range of small fish, fruit and vegetables available is hugely important. Routhe and Stephanie delivered 7 days of training for 60 parents and their children.

This approach is sound because the parents have helped each other to use what they learned and now work together to grow small quantities of different crops. For example, ground nuts are an excellent source of protein but because the plants are large and take up a lot of space, it puts some cultivators off growing them for sale. However, small quantities are sufficient for children's growth and the parents can modify their plots for this.

After the demonstrations, the audience of parents and accompanying children got to eat the freshly prepared food which was highly motivating! Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself…..


This programme will change lives in Gasundwe for the better! Donors and supporters of VRUK provided funding to make this happen and our Rwandan colleagues provided the know how and the hard work. A good team effort, well done everybody!